・非商用利用の場合は当社への連絡は不要です。 ただし「商用利用」または「1,000,000円(税別)以上の売上が見込める場合」は事前の連絡が必要です。



























Mokuri Project Characters 2018.08.20
===Translator Note I===
English translated by Keiro Kamioka
If there are any conflicts between the Japanese and English Terms of Service, the Japanese
Terms of Service will have priority.
**The following English translated Terms are for temporary purpose**
**In the future, it is expected to update to a more appropriate translation**
**I Keiro hear by take no responsibility for any mistranslations of the Terms of Service due to
nuances in the Japanese language**
===Translator Note I===

Please read the Terms of Service (“Terms”) carefully. They contain the rules and conditions for
usage of copyrighted works and characters provided by HIKKY INC, including the images,
graphics, text, data or other downloadable material (“Content”) through http://mokuri.world . This
website is operated by HIKKY Inc. (“HIKKY”). HIKKY is also referred to in these Terms as “we”,“our”, and “us”.

These Terms of Service are for the usage and derivative fanworks of our copyrighted characters
(“Mokuri”, “Mokuris”) and the distributed 3d Models of Mokuris, and the “Lesser Mokuris” as
“Distributed Model”. This includes the customizing of our “Distributed Model” and “Mokuris”
By using our Content, you agree to be bound by our Terms.
If you cannot agree with our Terms, we cannot permit the usage of any of our Content and
■ Definition on usage
- The user is allow to use our Content, Mokuris, Lesser Mokuris, Distributed Model and
the customization of our Distributed Model for the users own creations such as Graphic,
Comic, Text, Toys, Goods, and any kinds of user’s derivative work (fan work) as long as usage of our works is within our Terms.
- The user is also allowed to redistribute their own fan works as long as they are following our Terms.
- Please be aware that the user is not allowed to distribute the customized 3d model data of our “Distributed Model”
■ Copyrights
- We holds the Rights of the Mokuri, Mokuris, Lesser Mokuris and “Distributed Model”, this is inclusive of the Model customized from our Distributed Model.
■ Agree on the terms
- By using our works, such as distribution model you must agree with the our Terms of Service, and we consider the user to have agreed with our Terms of Services when
using Mokuris and Distributed Model
■ Regarding Distributed Model
- User may use Distributed Model as long as they meet the conditions defined by [Prohibition” Section of our Terms of Service
- HIKKY Inc. holds the copyrights of the customized model of our distributed Model.
- User allow to use our Distributed Model and its customized model for Avatar purposes such as VRChat and related Service.
■ Regarding the Fanwork and Secondary Creation of Mokuri, Mokuris and Distributed Model
- As long as the Terms of Service are followed, the user is allowed to use Mokuris and our Distributed Model.
- As long as User is only using for personal use, user may also use Mokuris and our Distributed model without our permission.
- For business use including non-profit business purposes, please contact HIKKY Inc.
- User are not permitted to distribute fanworks as official products, or misrepresent as an official work.
- For business use please contact HIKKY Inc.
- For personal commercial use, user is not necessary contact to HIKKY Inc. as long as expected income is below 1,000,000 JPY before sales tax. Please
contact to HIKKY Inc. if the expected income will exceed 1,000,000 JPY.
- User are not allowed to distribute fanworks as official products, or misrepresent as an official work.

■ Prohibition
- Using and customizing our contents for violence, discrimination, or racism purposes.
- Using and customizing our contents for religious purpose.
- Split and Dividing the our contents and customized works of our contents for redistributing purpose; which casually known as act of frankenstein.

It also prohibited to distribute and sell the model with using parts of our contents and customized works of our contents.
- Sale or Redistribution of our model data and customized model data from our work.
- Sale or Redistribution of subsets of our model data and customized model data from our work.
- Claiming our contents and customized works of our models as your original work.
- Register Industrial Design and Copyrights of our works and customized works from our works.
- Using the profit from fanworks for gang, mafia, and any illegal parties and groups

■ Penalties
- A user that is found to have broken the Terms of Service for the usage of our contents
and customized work of our content is no longer allowed to use our contents and
customized work. We can make a claim against the user for violating of the terms and to
delete the works with our contents and customized work including derivative works.

■ Disclaimer
- Usage of our creations and secondary creation of our work at your sole risk.
- We do not guarantee that our creation is legal in all other countries and territories
outside of Japan and the rights of third parties.
- We will not be liable to your consequential damages of anything related to our contents,
creations and secondary creation from our works.
- User must be liable with their own expense in the case of a lawsuit being raised between
third parties regarding the using of our contents and derivatives of our work.

■ Compensation for damages
- In the case of violation of our Terms causing damage to us due to the usage our
creations and work, the party responsible for causing the damage must pay for the damage with their own expenses.
- In the case of us receiving a lawsuit due to the derivative works of a user where we are
required to pay damages, we will claim the expenses from the user responsible for the derivative work.
- We are not liable for any damages caused by users, their usage of our works, or any derivative works.

■ Changes to the Terms
- These terms can be updated without notice.
- If Terms update, we will provide the notice of change and you can view updated Terms of Service on our website.
- Users must agree with updated Terms of Service before using our works and the distributed model with the updated terms of the service.