We've reached our goal!

Founders, thank you for all of the love and support!

We are overwhelmed with the turn out and couldn't have asked for more!

Our team will continue to expand and improve the "Mokuri Universe" to deliver and go beyond your expectations!

*We're still looking for Partners to join the Mokuri family!

The Stretch Goal

With the achievement of our inital targets, we have now decided on the stretch goal and additional pledges/rewards for our patrons!

With each milestone hit, we aspire to create Mangas, Virtual Market booths, and other methods to further the VR world and lore.

Your continued support and feedback is greatly appreciated!

The team is excited about the "Mokuri Project" and we look forward to sharing the journey with you!

An anime project made with the audience/fans

We're looking for Mokurons(Founders) who are curious in cultivating the "World of Mokuri" and a new form of anime.

We refer to our founders as "Mokurons" and we wish to build the "Wolrd of Mokuri" with you.
We plan to give back to our Mokurons by involving them on dev diaries, online dev meetings, and share "exclusive information".
Additionally we will permit open usage of "Mokuri" in derivative works such as illustrations, manga, 3D models, cosplay, and figurines.
We value our Mokurons and wie desire to develop our products with them.

*The VR Company HIKKY reserves all rights to "Mokuri",

We believe

The Lesser Mokuri is a free 3D model that the Mokuri Project is distributing

What may I do with it?
- Edit its model
- Create fan-fiction/derivative content
- Casting/usage on monetized channels

What may I not do with it?
- Make any changes or modifications that violate public order and standards of decency
- Reselling and/or redistribution of the model

Please read through the terms of service before using.

Oculus Quest Data

  • Planning and Production

    - Mika Sawae

  • Character Design

    - Akihito Tsukushi

  • Supervising Producer

    - Yoshitada Fukuhara

  • Executive Producer

    - Yasushi Funakoshi

  • CG Producer / Technical Director

    - Tetsuya Nozawa

  • Marketing

    - Ryuichi Kida / Kurogin

  • Producer

    - Kenichi Midorikawa

  • Key Visual

    - Yuri

  • Concept Art

    - Toshiharu Shirakaba

  • Illustration

    - tabe / Keburi / Daiekusuto

  • Imaging

    - Yusuke Niitsu

  • 3D Animation

    - Yu Harada

  • Modelling Cooperation

    - Studio Guffaww / Mao Helnes

  • Public Relations

    - Nanako Suzuki / Keita Hayashi

  • Production


  • Production

    - VR Company, HIKKY

    In Cooperation With

    - All the Lesser Mokuris

    and more